According to recent studies, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse is about to go supernova. What is this?

In our Milky Way galaxy, of which our solar system is a part, we also have the Orion constellation.

This constellation is a well-known pattern of stars in the night sky, and...

...the Betelgeuse star is part of it. But wait, it's not just any star. Betelgeuse is like a ticking time bomb.

It has behaved oddly in recent years, raising eyebrows.

It seems that the Betelgeuse star has consumed much of its fuel and turned red.

Now Here's the cosmic scoop: When a star consumes all of its fuel, it dies. Its core collapses under its own gravity, causing shockwaves that shake the universe. This is called a supernova.

The big news is that new data reveals that Betelgeuse may explode as a supernova within a few decades instead of thousands or millions of years, as previously thought.

Research suggests that it is in its late carbon-burning stage. Maybe we are in for the cosmic drama of a lifetime.

It will light up the sky like never before! This incredible cosmic event may occur during our lifetimes. But fear not; Earth is safe from harm.