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What are Kelp forests?

A study that was just published in the journal Nature found that climate change is causing Kelp forests to shrink. Kelp grows best in cold, nutrient-dense water. They grow from the seafloor up to the surface of the water and get their food and energy from the sun. Kelp is a type of brown algae that grows in cool, shallow water close to the shore.

Kelps function underwater in the same way trees do on land. Many animals find shelter and food in the underwater forests that kelps make.

They have gotten used to living in harsh conditions. These plants and animals that live in cool water have developed special ways to stay alive in freezing temperatures and long periods of darkness. Some of them can even grow under sea ice. In places with cold, nutrient-rich water, their rates of primary production are among the highest of any natural ecosystem on Earth.

They are also good for scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking, which are all fun ways to spend time and bring in money. Kelp forests also help protect coastlines by making waves less powerful during storms and stopping erosion.

As the ice melts, scientists think that kelp forests will move north. But the Arctic is also going through other changes that make this picture more complicated. As permafrost melts and Arctic coasts break apart, sediments are being dumped into coastal waters at an alarming rate. This blocks light and could make it hard for plants to grow. Runoff from melting glaciers will also make the water less salty and more cloudy, which is bad for young kelp.

Kelp forests along the coasts of western North America, Australia, and New Zealand have been destroyed by ocean heatwaves in the past few years.

Major Kelp Forests Around the World: Kelps are disappearing in western Australia, eastern Canada, southern Europe, northern California, and the eastern United States due to warming temperatures. Source

Source: DTE

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What is short selling?

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short selling

Hindenburg Research vs Adani Group

Hindenburg Research, which has accused the Adani Group of fraud, is a short seller known for exposing fraud. 

Short selling, often known as shorting, is a trading strategy in which the price of a security is expected to fall. While it is basically based on the "buy low, sell high" principle, the transaction order in short selling is reversed - to sell high first and purchase low afterwards. Furthermore, in short selling, the trader typically does not own the securities he sells, but rather borrows them.

But what if the stock price rises? In that case, the short seller will suffer a loss. If the stock continues to increase, so will the short seller's loss. As a result, short selling is widely seen as a high-risk trade with potentially endless losses if the stock price continues to rise.

To maximize earnings, short sellers like Hindenburg like to build holdings covertly before revealing their opinion about the company. They must exercise caution because word of their position in the stock might occasionally cause the shares to collapse.

Hindenburg Research was founded in 2017 by Nate Anderson, a chartered financial analyst. It advertises itself as a forensic financial research organisation and "activist short seller”.

Hindenburg's most recent report on corporations led by Asia's richest man, Gautam Adani, resulted in a bloodbath in their stock prices.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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It is one of the largest movements of people in the world

Chunyun refers to the 40-day period during which Chinese people travel to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year holiday officially began on January 21 this year. The Chunyun travel period began on January 7 and will end on February 15.

"Chunyun," the world's biggest annual migration of people, started recently in China. After almost three years of the pandemic, Beijing gave up its strict "zero-COVID" policy.

The most popular holiday in China is the Lunar New Year, which is also called the Spring Festival. The Chinese Lunar New Year is based on the lunar calendar. The Chinese use the lunar calendar for holidays and other traditional days, but for business, they use the Gregorian calendar. This year is the year of the rabbit. Each lunar year is named after one of the 12 zodiac animals: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by one-fifth of the world's population. This includes Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, and China. The Spring Festival is also when winter ends and spring begins.

During the holidays, people go back to their hometowns to celebrate with their families. This is called "chunyun," which means "spring transportation." During this time, airports, train stations, and roads are usually very busy with a lot of people.

For people who work away from home, it means the joy of reuniting with loved ones and the agony of fighting for a train ticket; for railway staff, it means 40 days of hard work; for scalpers, it means a busy season of business; for the police, it means a war against theft and luggage containing flammable materials; and for the government,  it's a test of their ability to run things smoothly.

The country's transport ministry anticipates that over two billion passengers will travel in the following forty days. Investors have been hoping that the reopening and the coming holiday season will give China’s economy a boost.

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green comet

What is Oort cloud?

Using the wide-field survey camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) in the United States, astronomers have recently identified a comet that is nearing Earth after roughly 50,000 years.

What are Green comets?

  • Comets are frozen, rocky, or gas-filled objects that are leftovers of the solar system's creation.
  • Green comet orbits the sun in 50,000 years.
  • When comets get close to the sun, the icy surfaces melt and release a lot of gas and dust, resulting in a massive atmosphere and tails.
  • Comets have orbits, just like all the other things in space. They are sometimes pulled close to the sun by the sun's gravity.
  • The comet's path shows that it comes from the Oort cloud, a large collection of comets at the edge of our solar system.
  • The Oort cloud is a theoretical spherical cloud of comets that is thought to surround the solar system. It is believed to be located at a distance of about 50,000 to 200,000 AU (1 AU is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun) from the Sun.
  • The Oort cloud's presence has not been directly observed, but it is considered to be the source of long-period comets spotted entering the inner solar system.

What is the reason for the Green color? 

Laboratory research has linked this green glow to a reactive molecule called dicarbon that is found in the comet's head and gives off green light when broken down by sunlight.

Even though there is no set time to see the green-glow comet, it is most likely to be best on February 1 and 2.

Source: IE

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2023 UN World Social Report

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Key Findings of the Report

According to the United Nations (UN) World Social Report 2023 titled “Leaving no one behind in an ageing world,"  the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to double in the next 30 years.

What is the Ageing of the Population mean? It means that, as time goes on, more and more people in society are getting older.

What are the key findings of the report?

  1. By 2050, there will be 1.6 billion people over 65, which is more than 16% of the world's population.
  2. Over the next 30 years, the number of older people is likely to grow the fastest in North Africa, West Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, the majority of people over the age of 65 live in Europe and North America. Take India's population, which was roughly 9% in 2011 and is rapidly increasing, which could reach 18% by 2036.
  3. This demographic transition calls into question the current structure of old-age support in both young and old countries.
  4. Unfairness between men and women also lasts into old age. Women are more likely to be poor as they get older than men because they are less likely to work in formal jobs, have shorter careers, and make less money than men.

Problems Associated with the Ageing Population

  • Changing Healthcare Needs: In a population where the elderly are growing much faster than the young, the biggest challenge is to give the elderly a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-reach health and care services.
    • They need a wide range of specialised medical services at home, such as telemedicine or home consultations, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, counselling and treatment for mental health, as well as diagnostic and pharmaceutical services.
  • Social Security Imbalance: Social Security Imbalance: As populations age, fewer people are working and contributing to the system, while more people are retired and getting benefits. This can put a strain on social security systems. This may increase pressure to raise taxes or cut benefits.
  • Mental Health Issues: A recent poll found that 30% to 50% of older people suffer from depression as a result of feelings of powerlessness and loneliness. The vast majority of older people who live alone are women, particularly widows.
  • Social Issues: Factors such as familial neglect, poor education levels, socio-cultural attitudes and stigma, and a lack of faith in institutionalised health-care facilities, among others, aggravate the situation for the elderly.

Way Forward

  • Focusing on Healthcare and Social Security: To help older people, there needs to be more money put into healthcare and social security programmes. Chronic diseases can also be made less of a problem by promoting healthy ageing and preventive health care.
  • Financial Security for the Elderly: The best way to make sure that older people are financially secure is to increase the number of people who get pensions and improve pension plans.
  • Linking CSR to the empowerment of the elderly: Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be used to get the private sector involved in the care of the elderly. The private sector can also help build infrastructure and environments that are friendly to older people.
  • Old Age Self-Help Groups: Old Age Self-Help Groups can be set up at the local level and linked to various activities to keep the elderly socially and physically active and busy.
  • Similar to how small communities in places like Europe take care of the elderly and give them the services they need, countries could build a youth army to help the elderly in faraway places.
old age
old age
old age
old age

As the number of older people, especially those over 80, grows in many countries, so does the number of people who need long-term care. Most countries have not been able to spend enough on public services to meet the growing need for long-term care.

The World Health Organization and the UN have named 2021–2030 the Decade of Healthy Aging.

Source: UN

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Global Risk Report 2023

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released the Report

What is a global risk? It is defined as the possibility that something bad may happen that will affect all countries.

The Global Risks Perception Survey is used to make the report every year. It shows the most important risks in five areas: the economy, the environment, geopolitics, society, and technology.

Global risk describes the possibility of the occurrence of an event or condition that, if it occurs, would negatively impact a significant proportion of the global GDP, population, or natural resources.

Key findings:

  1. Technology such as Al, quantum computing, biotechnology, etc. will exacerbate inequalities and the digital divide.
  2. In the next two years, the cost of living will dominate global risks, while climate action failure will dominate the next decade.
  3. Economic aftereffects of COVID-19 and the Ukraine war resulted in rising inflation, rapid normalization of monetary _ policies, low-growth, low-investment era.

Major global risks:

In the next 2 years: cost of living; natural disasters/extreme weather events; geoeconomic confrontation

In the next 10 years: failure to mitigate climate change; biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse; and involuntary migration

WEF was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. It brings together decision-makers from across society to work on projects and initiatives that make a real difference. The Global Risks Report is an annual study published by it ahead of the Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Source: WEF

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What is a recession?

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The only advantage of a recession is that it helps keep inflation under control.

According to the World Bank, this year the global economy will come "dangerously close" to entering a recession as a result of slower growth in all of the world's leading economies—the United States, Europe, and China.

A recession is when economic activity declines. The 'technical' definition of a global recession is when income per person falls worldwide in a year. Recessions can generate widespread job losses and business closures. They also leave scars: countries often take a long time to recover, and those who lose jobs are at risk of lasting disadvantage.

The pandemic in 2020 was the cause of the last global recession. If we have another, it will be the first time since the 1930s Great Depression that we've had two in a decade.

What makes it likely? Rising interest rates are one cause. High-interest rates are a technique for combating inflation (increasing prices), but they discourage spending. If interest rates rise for an extended period of time, this can cause a recession.

The World Bank says there are already warning signs of this, such as "weak" investment numbers and a "rapid" drop in housing markets.

The World Bank has cut its prediction for global growth this year by nearly half, to 1.7% from 3% previously.

Source: ET

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One may say that Japan is the "grayest" country in the world

The Japanese government plans to increase financial incentives for families that opt to move out of Tokyo. It's not the first time the government has tried to get people to leave by giving them money, but this plan is three times as generous as the current ones. It is in an attempt to revitalize countryside towns and increase the declining birthrate.

People from all over Japan have been moving to the cities for jobs for many years. Tokyo is the most populated city in the country, with about 37 million people living there. It is also consistently one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, ranking fifth globally in 2022. 

This migration has also resulted in a demographic crisis. Experts say that the limited space, high cost of living, and lack of childcare support in cities make it difficult to raise children, meaning fewer couples are having kids. Other parts of the country have also been hit by aging, shrinking populations with fewer and fewer residents, as well as millions of unoccupied homes.

With declining birth rates and rising life expectancy, Japan has become the world's grayest society. Nearly one-third of the population is above the age of 65.

The way Japan's economy has changed the lives of women is a big reason for the low birth rate. More and more women are entering the workforce. However, the majority of domestic responsibilities, particularly child care, remained with women. Many are now turning away from this intense version of motherhood, and the number of women who have never been married is higher than ever.

Source: CNN

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Green Hydrogen Explained

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Why do we need green hydrogen?

  • Hydrogen is a key industrial fuel that is used to make ammonia (a key fertilizer), steel, refineries, and electricity, among other things.
  • But all of the hydrogen that is made now is called "black" or "brown" hydrogen because it is produced from coal.
  • Hydrogen is the most common element in nature, but it doesn't exist on its own. It has to be extracted from compounds found in nature (like water).
  • When an electric current is passed through water, oxygen and hydrogen are separated. And if the electricity used in this process comes from a renewable source like wind or the sun, the hydrogen that is made is called "green hydrogen."
  • The colors associated with hydrogen represent the source of electricity needed to create the hydrogen molecule.
Grey hydrogen is derived from natural gas, whereas "blue" hydrogen is derived from fossil fuel sources, with the carbon emissions absorbed by carbon-capture techniques. Green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis, which involves splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity provided by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. This is the most environmentally friendly method of hydrogen production.

Globally, green hydrogen development is still in its early phases. Due to the high cost of production, it now accounts for less than 1% of global hydrogen production.

Why do we need green hydrogen?

  • Because of its high energy content per unit of weight, hydrogen is a tremendous source of energy, which is why it is used as rocket fuel.
  • Green hydrogen is one of the cleanest energy sources, emitting almost no pollution.
  • It can be used in fuel cells for cars or in industries that use a lot of energy, like making fertilizer or steel.
  • Countries all over the world are working to build green hydrogen capacity, which has become a global buzzword, especially since the world is in the middle of its worst energy crisis ever and climate change is becoming a real threat.

There needs to be a push to get people who use industrial hydrogen to switch to green hydrogen. Countries need to build supply chains with pipelines, tankers, intermediate storage, and distribution networks. They also need to set up an effective skill development program to make sure that workers can be trained to work in a green hydrogen economy.

Source: TH

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weight loss drug

Is it an easy way to lose weight?

Elon Musk tweeted about losing 13.6 kg (30 lbs) because of Ozempic/Wegovy, fasting, and staying away from "tasty food." The drug is also attracting a lot of attention on social media platforms such as TikTok as an easy way to lose weight.

The remarkable weight loss of Kim and Khloe Kardashian and other celebrities has been rumored to be the product of an injectable medicine, Ozempic, that's been called "Hollywood's worst kept secret." On TikTok, the hashtag "Ozempic" has already received over 360 million views.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic and Wegovy are the brand names for an anti-diabetes medicine called semaglutide. The medication is used to treat patients with type-2 diabetes and manage their blood sugar.

Ozempic is not insulin. In fact, the drug helps your pancreas produce more insulin when your blood sugar is high. "Unlike insulin, Ozempic rarely causes low blood sugar," says Lydia Alexander, M.D., of California.

Besides regulating glucose levels in the body, the drug also helps in weight loss, reduces the risk of hypoglycemia, and improves heart health and kidney function. According to reports, it makes people feel full for longer while also decreasing appetite and food cravings.

Although Ozempic is not a weight-reduction medication, evidence suggests that those who use it may lose a little weight while on it. In reality, the active ingredient in Ozempic, semaglutide, is FDA-approved at greater doses for the treatment of obesity and other weight-related medical conditions under the brand name Wegovy.

In 2022, the demand for both Ozempic and Wegovy increased dramatically. Because of the Wegovy shortage, coupled with Ozempic’s weight loss effects going viral on social media, people without type 2 diabetes have begun using Ozempic off-label for weight loss. According to The Guardian, the off-label use of Ozempic has resulted in a worldwide shortage.

Experts say Ozempic is a safe medication, but not for everyone. Before taking the drug, speak with a medical practitioner.

Source: TH / Forbes

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space missions

What are these missions about?

There is a lot of interest in the space industry. We are moving into a new phase that is similar to the "golden era" of space launches in the 1960s and 1970s.

 1. Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) 

  • The European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the Juice mission in 2023.
  • It will be Europe's first dedicated robotic mission to Jupiter, observing Jupiter and three of its largest moons: Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa.
  • Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system. It will become the first spacecraft ever to reach orbit around the moon of another planet.
  • The icy moons of Jupiter are fascinating because they are all thought to contain oceans of liquid water beneath their frozen surfaces. Europa, in particular, is regarded as one of the most likely places in the Solar System for extraterrestrial life.
  • The mission will find out what these moons are like as planets and as possible places to live. It will also study Jupiter's complicated environment in depth and look at the whole Jupiter system.
  • After an amazing trip through the solar system, Juice should get to the planet in July 2031.
  • Juice will have ten scientific tools, like ice-penetrating radar, to study the internal oceans. This use of radar is a practical first step in making a map of the ocean floor. It opens the door for more unusual missions in the future that will use submersible vehicles, some of which have already been proposed.

2.  A SpaceX Starship

  • The super-heavy Starship spacecraft is likely to take its first orbital test flight in early 2023.
  • The Starship will be the biggest spaceship that can take people from Earth to other places in space (the International Space Station is larger, but it was assembled in space).
  • It will be the most powerful rocket ever built and will be able to send 100 tonnes of cargo into low Earth orbit.
  • Starship is the name for a two-part system made up of the Starship spacecraft (which carries the crew and cargo) and the Super Heavy rocket.
  • The rocket part will lift Starship to an altitude of about 65 km, where it will split off and return to Earth in a controlled way. The upper part of the Starship will then move itself the rest of the way into orbit using its own engines.
  • There have been a number of short test flights of the Starship part of the system, with varying degrees of success. But the next flight will be the first time that the whole system will be used as a single unit to get to space.
  • This first space flight was supposed to take off in September 2022, but it has been delayed more than once.

3. dearMoon

The long-awaited dearMoon project, which will take members of the public on a six-day journey around the Moon and back, is set to debut on Starship in 2023.

The exact date will depend on how well the Starship test goes, but it has been planned since 2018. It will be the first real launch of tourists into deep space.

Yusaku Maezawa, an entrepreneur, paid for the whole trip. A contest was set up to choose eight people from the public (and an unknown number of crew) to join Maezawa on the trip.

No one knows who the winners are or how they were chosen, but it is likely that the guests will be established or aspiring artists. Before this mission, only astronauts who met very strict requirements could go into deep space. This mission will change a lot about how we think about space.

Depending on how well the dearMoon mission goes, deep space tourism could either become the next big thing or go back to being a pipe dream.

4. Asteroid explorer returns to Earth

OSIRIS-REx is a NASA mission to the asteroid Bennu, which is close to Earth. One of the most important goals of this robotic mission was to get samples of Bennu and bring them back to Earth to study. OSIRIS-REx is now quickly making its way back to Earth with up to a kilogram of valuable samples from an asteroid.

Asteroid sample return has only been achieved once before, from the asteroid Ryugu, by the Japanese Space Agency’s Hayabusa 2 mission in 2020.

Bennu is approximately diamond-shaped, just half a kilometer in size, and has many interesting features. In the first 10 million years of the Solar System, it is believed to have separated from a much larger asteroid.

Some of its minerals have been changed by water, suggesting Bennu's ancient parent body had liquid water. It also has a lot of gold, platinum, and other valuable metals.

Bennu is a potentially dangerous object with a (very) small chance of hitting Earth in the next 100 years.

5. India’s private space launch

Even though SpaceX is the most well-known private space launch company, there are many others around the world that are making their own launchers. Skyroot Aerospace, which launched its Vikram-S rocket successfully in November 2022, will soon become the first private Indian company to launch a satellite.

Skyroot plans to launch its first satellite in 2023. The company wants to beat the prices of other private space launch companies by making its rockets with 3D printing in just a few days. If this works, it could also make it easier and cheaper to send scientific missions into space.

Source: DTE

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What is a Recession? What are US Treasuries? What is the Yield of a Treasury? What is the Yield Curve?

As we get closer to the new year, many of the world's top economies, including the U.S., are worried about a recession.

What is a Recession? During a recession, an economy's overall output usually goes down for at least two consecutive quarters, jobs are lost, and overall demand goes down.

What are US Treasuries?

  • In any economy, the safest loans are those given to governments, which will always be around, and typically do not default on their debt.
  • Governments need to borrow money because most of the time, taxes don't bring in enough money to pay for everything they want to do.
  • A government bond is an instrument by which the government borrows from the market.
  • In India, these bonds are known as G-secs, in the UK as gilts, and in the US as treasuries.

What is the Yield of a Treasury?

  • Unlike a bank loan, on which the interest rate varies with time, a government bond comes with a pre-determined “coupon” payment.
  • So, the US government could "float" a 10-year bond worth $100 with a $5 coupon payment. This means that if you bought this bond and gave the US government $100, you would get $5 back every year for the next 10 years and the whole $100 back at the end of 10 years. This would mean that the return or yield is 5%.
  • But if you sold this bond to another investor for some reason, the yield would change depending on how much you sold it for. If the price goes up, say the bond is sold for $110, the yield will go down because the annual return ($5) stays the same. If the price goes down, the yield will go up.

What is the Yield Curve?

  • Governments can borrow money for anywhere from 1 month to 30 years.
  • Longer tenures typically have greater yields because one is lending money for a longer period of time.
  • If the yields for various bond tenures are shown, an upward-sloping curve will result.
  • Depending on the amount of money available in the market and the predicted overall economic activity, the curves can be flat or steep. When investors are optimistic about the economy, they move money out of long-term bonds and into riskier assets such as stock markets. As prices of long-term bonds decrease, their yields rise, and the yield curve steepens.
yield curve

What is Yield Inversion?

  • Yield inversion is when the yields on bonds with a shorter term are higher than the yields on bonds with a longer term. If investors think the economy is going to have trouble, they will move their money out of short-term risky assets like stock markets and into long-term bonds. This causes the prices of long-term bonds to increase and their yields to fall. This process first causes the yield curve to flatten, and then it causes the yield curve to turn upside down.
  • Yield inversion has been a reliable indication of recession in the US for a long time, and it has been happening for a while now with US treasuries.

Is this all a surprise?

No, not at all. In order to keep inflation from getting too high, the US Federal Reserve has been raising short-term interest rates to slow down overall demand and economic activity. Every time in the past that the Fed tried to bring inflation down by more than two percentage points, the US went into a recession. 

So, the more the Fed raises interest rates, the more likely it is that the US economy will go into a recession. The yield inversion shows that this is the case.

We hope it's just a slowdown and not a full-fledged recession. But it's important to remember that in many ways, the middle class has already been in a recession for a long time because inflation has raised the prices of everything from food to housing to transportation.

Source: IE

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Recently, an artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT was released on the internet 

The tool ChatGPT has been developed by OpenAI, a research institute that focuses on developing artificial intelligence technology in a responsible and safe way. It was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs and researchers, including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman.

This tool "knew" every topic under the sun; it could answer questions and hold a conversation. It talks to people in natural language. You could, for example, ask it to write a program or even a simple piece of software. It can also write a story or do other creative things. It can explain scientific ideas and give fact-based answers to any question. The ChatGPT can answer "follow-up questions," "admit its mistakes, challenge wrong premises, and turn down inappropriate requests."

Chatbots, which are also called chatterbots, is a type of AI used in messaging apps. Chatbots like Amazon's Alexa and the ones used by businesses on Facebook Messenger are good examples. Chatbots make it easy to help and serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Companies also like chatbots because they can collect information about customer questions, response times, satisfaction, and so on.

ChatGPT is much more than a chatbot. Therefore, it is called a "language model" rather than a "chatbot." It can be used in the real world for things like digital marketing, making online content, answering questions from customers, and, as some users have found, even helping to fix bugs in code. People think it could replace emails, party planning lists, resumes, and even college essays and homework.


  • Even with natural language processing, they might not understand everything a customer says and give answers that don't make sense.
  • The dangers of AI becoming sentient are still a long way off. The real things to watch out for are unethical AI that repeats historical bias and hate speech. The chatbot showed clear biases based on race and gender, which is still a problem with almost all AI models.
  • The chatbot gives answers that are grammatically correct and easy to understand, but most people have pointed out that they lack context and substance.
  • ChatGPT sometimes gives wrong information and can only tell you about global events before 2021.
  • It can be expensive to set up and run a chatbot, especially if it needs to be changed and updated often.

Source: IE

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What is Deepfake technology? 

by Admin

China has recently imposed new regulations for businesses and platforms that use deep synthesis technology

China is putting in place new rules to restrict the use of deep synthesis technology and stop disinformation. Deepfakes are a collection of fake images and sounds put together by machine-learning algorithms. They are used to spread false information and replace a real person's face, voice, or both with an artificial face or voice that looks or sounds like a real person.

It can create people who don't exist and make real people say and do things they didn't say or do.

China's new rules say that companies and platforms that use the technology must get permission from people before they edit their voice or image. The policy says that service providers and users of deep synthesis must make sure that any content that has been changed using the technology is clearly labeled and can be traced back to its original source.

In 2017, an anonymous Reddit user called himself "Deepfakes." This is where the word "deepfake" came from. This user used Google's open-source deep-learning technology to make pornographic videos and post them online. A method called "face-swapping" was used to change the videos. The user "Deepfakes" swapped out real faces for those of famous people.

Deepfake technology is now being used for things like scams and hoaxes, election manipulation, celebrity pornography, social engineering, automated disinformation attacks, identity theft, and financial fraud, a cybersecurity company called Norton said in a blog. As technology gets better, it's getting harder to spot deepfakes.

Deepfake technology was used to impersonate Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, and Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise.

Source: TH

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What exactly is doxxing?

by Admin

Twitter and its new anti-doxxing policy

Twitter has suspended the accounts of several journalists in the US, and according to its owner, Elon Musk, it is as per its new anti-doxxing policy.

Doxxing (dropping dox or documents) is a malicious practice that involves getting someone's private or identifying information and putting it online without their permission. This is usually done to harass, threaten, shame, or exact revenge. This information could include their real name, personal documents, phone number, home address, workplace, and other financial information.

It is a popular and controversial tactic used against people who hold opposing political ideas. Even celebrities and influencers have been doxxed, with serious implications.

Some believe it only applies to the sharing of private information; however, others believe it may also apply to publicly available information, such as property records.

What is Twitter’s new policy?

Twitter's rules now say that sharing a person's live location could be a "serious safety and security risk," so it's not allowed (it was neglected in the older version). According to the rules, if you break any of these, your account could be locked, and if you keep doing it, your account could be shut down for good. But if you share someone's live location without their permission, they will be automatically suspended, which is what happened to the journalists.

Source: IE

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